Why We Joined

Amanda Silverstein

“Everyone has been so kind and welcoming to our modern family since day one. I see the shul as my place of peace.”

Paul Malakoff

“When my five grandchildren are coming to Hebrew School on Sunday morning, they pop into Morning Minyan and give Grandpa a kiss and then run off to Hebrew School. It’s a sense of continuance, a sense of community and it makes me very happy.”

Antony & Rene Egnal

“Our first Shabbat experience here was a very intimate Friday night service conducted in the Chapel. People were very warm and welcoming from day one. We loved the traditional nature of the HNT service, the fact that Friday night services where always at the same time – 6:00 PM – as well as the ability to sing and participate through the whole service. We have never looked back.”

Mike & Cheri Levy

“Our family have been members of Herzl-Ner Tamid since its founding in 1906. HNT has remained our ‘go to’ place for its warmth, sense of community, education and the variety of programs it provides. The shul has been integral as a great source of comfort and strength for all our life cycle events.”

Olivia Rosen

“One of my most poignant memories of growing up at HNT is attending my grandma’s Bat Mitzvah, which took place on the same bimah as mine, my brother’s, my mom’s, and all my cousin’s. Watching my grandma read from the Torah, just as I had done a few years before, was not only inspirational, but also illustrative of the enduring love and support that emanates from the HNT community.”