Baby Namings & Brit Milah

Bris - BahatHNT is happy to share in your joyous occasion! Whether it be preparing for your baby boy’s brit, or planning your girl’s baby naming ceremony, we are equipped and eager to help.

A Brit Milah is usually performed in the family’s home. Rabbi Rosenbaum and Cantor Kurland will attend the brit and assist in welcoming the baby into the Jewish family. Be sure to contact HNT at the earliest moment possible after your boy’s birth. We can recommend a mohel, and help in the arrangements for this important commandment.

The tradition for girls’ baby namings is for the family to come to the synagogue on a day the Torah is read for an aliyah. Today, some families choose to have their simchat bat at home. Contact Rabbi Rosenbaum to schedule your daughter’s baby naming and to assist you in personalizing this ceremony for your family.