In his book, Becoming a Jew, Rabbi Maurice Lamm states that the difference between Jews by birth and Jews by choice is a matter of time. Jews by birth embraced the convenant centuries ago at Mt. Sinai, and Jews by choice did so – by comparison – just yesterday. God gave the Torah to the Israelites standing at the foot of Mt. Sinai, and His voice continues to resonate throughout the millennia to be heard by those seeking the way of the Torah.

Jews by choice are a vital part of our HNT community. Converts participate fully in all aspects of our Jewish culture, religious life, and our leadership. From leading Shabbat services to heading various committees, and serving on the Board of Directors, our converts strengthen our community.

If you are interested in becoming Jewish, please contact Carol Reynolds to schedule an appointment with Rabbi Rosenbaum to discuss your personal journey. We offer both introduction to Judaisim and Hebrew language classes once a year, beginning shortly after the High Holidays and running through to the spring. Classes normally meet once a week, with individual sessions scheduled once a month with the Rabbi to answer any concerns or questions you have along the way. Click here to browse this year’s classes. For conversion students, please purchase in advance of the first class of all books listed below:

  • Etz Hayim Torah and Commentary by David L. Lieber, Jules Harlow, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and The Rabbinical Assembly (Jun 2003)
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jewish History and Culture, 2nd Edition, by Benjamin Blech
  • Book of Jewish Practice, by Louis Jacobs
  • Book of Jewish Belief, by Louis Jacobs
  • Future Tense, by Jonathan Saks
  • Book of Jewish Literacy, by Joseph Telushkin
  • A Torah Commentary for our Times, by Harvey Fields (copies available in the Library)
  • B’Kol Echad

The books can be ordered online or by calling the Israel Book Shop at 1-800-323-7723.

Call us today, and be welcomed to your new home.