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Our mission is to build a vibrant school where students actively live Jewish lives expressed through their actions and values. The Frankel Religious School creates a foundation for fostering deeper connections to Judaism Herzl-Ner Tamid, Israel and the modern world. We strive to foster a welcoming and enthusiastic community where all family members can find multiple ways to connect to their congregation social and learning events, parents activates, volunteering, social action, and friendships. Interfaith and non-traditional families have an important place at the table of learning in FRS as we engage in continuous learning from babies to bubbies.

Along with regular updates on our newly improved Facebook page, our email update called Mah Nishmah (What’s Up) provides students and parents with up to date material related to content and programming.

We look forward to partnering with you on this important journey of educating our youth together as one community. For more information, please contact our Director of Education, Moreh Eliyahu Krigel, CJE and Ed.D. Candidate, at

Please click here to begin the registration process. The first 50 families who register for FRS will be entered into a raffle for a brand new Levano Yoga 2. We will raffle off this special 2-in-1 computer/tablet perfect for Hebrew apps on the first day of FRS on September 11, 2016 at our Zman Tefillah (School Assembly) from 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM in the main sanctuary at HNT!

Please note, registration for our kindergarten through high school classes requires an HNT membership. Preschool enrollment is open to the general community. To begin the membership process at HNT,  click here.

Helpful Information

Our Wiki Site for Prayer/Tefillot Practice:
For more information and to practice tefillot please visit:

Board of Directors Presentations
Along with Moreh Eliyahu Krigel’s regular duties and responsibilities as Director of Education at HNT, he has the great honor of presenting to the HNT board of directors on a regular basis. Below are the two reports he has given so you can get a sense of the work he has been up to since beginning to serve in this wonderful community in June of 2015.  Moreh Eliyahu looks forward to many more opportunities to share with all of you. Moreh Eliyahu would love to hear your questions or comments. Please email him at and stay in touch. Enjoy these two reports complete with notes to go along with the PowerPoint pictures for easy referencing:

Board Presentation November 2015:  Check out Moreh Eliyahu’s first board report at HNT. The leadership of the HNT board is inspiring in so many ways.  As you can see, our community continues to flourish!

Board Presentation March 2016:  Here is Moreh Eliyahu’s second board report. As Moreh Eliyahu approaches the conclusion of his first year in this amazing community, he continues to be appreciative of all we have accomplished together. Thank you friends for all of your support.