We welcome families of every configuration to share in the Shabbat experience, whether they be families with or without children, traditional or nontraditional. Regular services usually begin at 6:00 PM on Fridays and 10:00 AM on Saturdays, unless there is a special event.

Please check the current HaKol to confirm starting times.


Shabbat Minyan
Our monthly intimate, lay-led prayer service is open to all ages and backgrounds, and encourages people to fully participate in an experience filled with ruach (spirit) and happiness.

Gan Danny
HNT also seeks to meet the needs of our entire congregation, including our youngest – Gan Danny (Danny’s Garden) is an indoor preschool playground stocked with books and toys to encourage active play. This inviting room is the perfect space for children under five and their parents to take a quiet break during Saturday morning services.

Shabbat Dinner Circle
We invite you to share a Shabbat with the Shabbat Dinner Circle, a community of HNT members of all ages. Take a break from the work week and enjoy gathering in each other’s homes for an evening of good food and great conversation. Sign up to host or attend these casual potluck dinners here.

HNT also offers a variety of additional alternative Shabbat experiences. With all the different options, there’s certain to be one that you’ll connect with!

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Join the Halleluyah Chorus
What if all of Herzl-Ner Tamid Sang One Song?
Join us in learning the Halleluyah song and then help us to sing it together with great enthusiasm. Click here for the brochure with an explanation and lyrics in Hebrew, a transliteration, and English.

You can play the mp3 of Hallelu Eil Bekodsho to practice along with Cantor Kurland!

The following are mp3s of the Shabbat Morning Service
P.4 Hava Nashira

P. 52 Eilecha

P. 72 Hodu Ladonai (New)

P. 78 Mikolot Mayim

P. 80 Ashraei

P. 88 Hallelu Eil Bekodsho

P. 92 Eozi Vezimrat Yah

P. 334 Eelu Finu

P. 342 Eil Adon

P. 354 Amidah

P. 356 Mimekomcha

P. 21 Oseh Shalom (New)

P. 432 Musaf Kedusha (New)

P. 30 Ein Keiloheinu (Sephardic Version)