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Building Community

Affinity Groups

HNT is building community with Affinity Groups, connecting members with shared interests or circumstances. Groups are lay-led, can be virtual or in-person (following HNT’s COVID policies), and can be year-round or seasonal at any frequency. Check out our current groups and sign up at


Shabbat Dinner Circle

We invite you to share a Shabbat with the Shabbat Dinner Circle, a community of HNT members of all ages. Take a break from the work week and enjoy gathering in each other’s homes for an evening of good food and great conversation.


Block Parties

Each year, up to 10 families open their homes for HNT Block Parties. Whether you live in Seattle or Sammamish, there’s a Block Party just for your area! Past participants rave about how much they enjoyed getting to know their neighbors better at these fun, casual potlucks.

Check for upcoming dates for all of these programs on the calendar, or email


Committee Connections

Click here to visit our Volunteer page.