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Simchat Bat (Baby Namings) & Brit Milah
Simchat Bat (Baby Namings) & Brit Milah

HNT is happy to share in your joyous occasion! Whether it be preparing for your son’s brit, or planning your daughter’s naming ceremony, we are happy to help.


A Brit Milah is usually performed in the family’s home. Rav Barry and Cantor Kurland attend the brit and assist in welcoming your son into our Jewish family. Contact HNT prior to your baby’s birth so we know about the upcoming new addition to the community. We can recommend a mohel, and help begin arrangements for this important milestone.


The tradition for a daughter’s naming is for the family to come to the synagogue for an aliyah on a day the Torah is read. Some families choose to have the naming at home. Rav Barry will assist in personalizing this ceremony for your family. Be sure to contact HNT prior to your daughter’s birth to begin planning the Simchat Bat.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Bar/Bat Mitzvah

The day your child accepts adult responsibilities of the Jewish faith is cause for celebration – and much preparation! Our Rabbi, Cantor, team of educators, and teen Torah Tutors take special pride in preparing future Jewish leaders in our synagogue and community.


Families work hard to help prepare their child for this lifecycle milestone. Each school year, teachers work diligently to provide a solid foundation in Hebrew, Jewish practices and customs, t’fillah (prayer studies), and preparing for life as a Jewish community member. Cantor Kurland teaches trope (melody) for both Torah and Haftarah readings, reviews the service prayers, and builds a student’s confidence in standing before a congregation. Rav Barry helps the Bar/Bat Mitzvah understand and prepare a D’var Torah (speech) about the assigned Torah portion (parsha). The Torah Tutors help your child practice and deliver their Torah portion. The entire community celebrates and welcomes your Bar/Bat Mitzvah into our Jewish community!


B’nai Mitzvah dates are assigned during the 5th grade year using a prescribed protocol. Boys must be at least 13 and girls at least 12 on the day of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Families meet with the Director of Education 12 months before the assigned Bar/Bat Mitzvah date to begin preparations for the upcoming activities and to learn more about the overall process. Lessons with the Cantor begin about 9 months before the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date, and meetings with the Rabbi begin about 8 – 9 months before the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date. Meetings with our Operations Coordinator are also scheduled to prepare for the sanctuary and Feinberg Social Hall use.


Family participation in services, synagogue events, and Frankel Religious School are a part of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child’s overall learning process. Families have a variety of opportunities to be a part of the HNT events, classes and programs held within the synagogue and school. Also, the Women’s League Judaica Shop has a nice variety of tallit, kippot, yaddim, and other ritual items for your child’s special day and beyond.


Click here for our B’nai Mitzvah Handbook.


Contact: Dr. Eliyahu Krigel, Director of Education


In his book, Becoming a Jew, Rabbi Maurice Lamm states that the difference between Jews by birth and Jews by choice is a matter of time. Jews by birth embraced the covenant centuries ago at Mt. Sinai, and Jews by choice did so – by comparison – just yesterday. God gave the Torah to the Israelites standing at the foot of Mt. Sinai, and God’s voice continues to resonate throughout the millennia to be heard by those seeking the way of the Torah.


Jews by choice are a vital part of our HNT community. Converts participate fully in all aspects of our Jewish culture, religious life, and our leadership. From leading Shabbat services to heading various committees, and serving on the Board of Directors, our converts strengthen our community.


If you are interested in becoming Jewish, please contact Ashley Rowland to schedule an appointment with Rav Barry to discuss your personal journey. We offer both introduction to Judaism and Hebrew language classes beginning shortly after the High Holidays and running through to the spring. Classes normally meet once a week, with individual sessions scheduled once every 2 months with the Rabbi to answer any concerns or questions you have along the way. Click here to browse this year’s classes (link to Year-Round Adult Learning page). For conversion students, please purchase in advance of the first class of all books listed below:


  • Etz Hayim Torah and Commentary by David L. Lieber, Jules Harlow, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and The Rabbinical Assembly (Jun 2003)
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jewish History and Culture, 2nd Edition, by Benjamin Blech
  • Book of Jewish Practice, by Louis Jacobs
  • Book of Jewish Belief, by Louis Jacobs
  • Future Tense, by Jonathan Saks
  • Book of Jewish Literacy, by Joseph Telushkin
  • A Torah Commentary for our Times, by Harvey Fields (copies available in the Library)
  • B’Kol Echad


Call us today, and be welcomed to your new home.


HNT is a lovely setting for your special day! Our beautifully-crafted stained glass windows are the perfect accompaniment to late afternoon and evening weddings. Our waterfront property and private meditation garden also offer a tranquil and natural setting for family portraits and photography sessions.


Your guests can enjoy a variety of settings for the traditional moments of a Jewish wedding, whether it be a small, medium, or large private room, or outdoor venue. The front courtyard is perfect for the marriage contract (ketubah) signing and veiling ceremony (bedeken). Host your bride and groom receptions in our Youth Lounge or Skolnick Board Room. Use the upstairs study for a private moment with your new spouse (yichud) after the wedding.


Wherever you decide to host your wedding, please contact Ashley Rowland to set an appointment to speak with Rav Barry about setting a date for your special day.


Rabbi also offers 3 premarital meetings that will help you in transitioning into your new life as a Jewish family, giving you the tools for the art of compromise and conflict resolution, as well as maintaining a meaningful and welcoming Jewish family – with or without the addition of children.


Cantor can enhance your ceremony with beautiful music. Contact him to assist you in selecting music that will have special meaning for you and your new spouse.


And don’t forget to register for Judaica at the Women’s League Judaica Shop! Proceeds from the shop’s sales benefit the youth of HNT.

Interfaith Households
Interfaith Households

Our interfaith families are encouraged to participate in all of the family milestones celebrated at HNT. At baby namings, B’nai Mitzvah and weddings, interfaith parents and family members may participate by offering words of encouragement and blessing as well as other meaningful ways to support family members.

Contact: Ashley Rowland, Executive Assistant to the Clergy