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We welcome families of every configuration to share in the Shabbat experience, whether they be families with or without children, traditional or nontraditional. Regular services usually begin at 6:00 PM on Fridays and 10:00 AM on Saturdays, unless there is a special event.

Please check the current HaKol to confirm starting times.

HNT also offers a variety of additional alternative Shabbat experiences. With all the different options, there’s certain to be one that you’ll connect with!

Rhythm & Jews Musical Services

This service with guitars and drumming will get your toes tapping, your hands clapping, and your voice singing! Every Friday between mid-March and late-September during the Kabbalat Shabbat service.


TGIS: Thank G-d It’s Shabbat

This monthly interactive Friday night experience brings all members of our community together for Shabbat. Most congregants welcome Shabbat in the main sanctuary at Friday night services, followed by special dinner in the Feinberg Social Hall. Families with children ages five and under are downstairs as they sing favorite songs, and dance, then enjoy a child-inspired community-style dinner a little earlier in the evening.


Shabbat for Kids

Once or twice a month, kids grade school age and younger are invited to Shabbat events that encourage them to build Shabbat community through song, game, stories, and creative movement. Each program is specifically tailored to the age level of the participants.

  • Playground Minyan: this program for preschool-aged children and their parents starts at 11:00 AM in in Gan Danny (Frankel Religious School, Room 3), but the room is open at 10:30 AM.
  • Mini-Minyan: this program for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade starts at 10:30 AM in the FRS, Room 1 and ends at noon in the main sanctuary.
  • Junior Congregation: this program for 3rd – 5th Grade starts at 10:30 AM in FRS Room 2 and ends at noon in the main sanctuary.


Gan Danny

HNT also seeks to meet the needs of our entire congregation, including our youngest – Gan Danny (Danny’s Garden) is an indoor preschool playground stocked with books and toys to encourage active play. This inviting room is the perfect space for children under five and their parents to take a quiet break during Saturday morning services.


iShabbat: Choose Your Own Experience

Saturdays four times per year, co-designed and by Rabbi Rosenbaum, Rabbi Green, Cantor Kurland, and Dr. Eliyahu Krigel, working with Ilyse Wagner, Tara Reck and our Ritual Committee

This series of four Shabbat mornings is designed to give our congregation the chance to experience the multiple dimensions of the Shabbat experience in new ways. For all four of these Shabbatot, we encourage you to open yourselves to the rich, multi-layered quality of Shabbat by:

  • Walking to shul with a group of your favorite HNT members from any one of several convenient locations
  • Bringing a friend & make Shabbat a friendship-building experience
  • Learning some of the melodies of the Shabbat service ahead of time, which will enhance the pleasure of your participation (we’ll show you how)
  • Experience a very meaningful Shabbat service with a new look which will feature:
    • An opportunity to understand the meaning and purpose of the prayers and the way in which the prayer experience, understood in new ways, can impact how we think about ourselves and our relationships
    • A stronger connection to the music and singing of the prayer service
    • Shabbat-related, interactive community-building exercises which will connect you more deeply to your HNT friends and neighbors
    • A service that has been significantly re-designed, edited and compacted to allow for more learning, and more interaction, while still preserving the essence of tradition.
  • Of course, there is always a great Kiddush at the end!
Contact: Eliyahu Krigel, Director of Education