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In the movie Borat, the main character Borat travels to America from his small village in Kazhakstan with the goal of bringing back wisdom to his country. One of his objectives is to improve his sense of humor. He says Kazakstan is 98th in the world in humor. So, Borat goes to a humor coach, Pat Haggerty, who tries to teach him how to tell a ‘not’ joke. He illustrates by noting that Borat’s suit is gray. If he were telling a...

If it weren’t for Purim, I wouldn’t know anything about popular music. My popular musical tastes are frozen in time several decades ago. But, once a year, on Purim, I have to learn something about what’s current musically. And, that’s how several years ago, I came to feel a connection to Lady Gaga. One Purim, I dressed up as Lady Gaga, or Lady Graga, with red groggers velcroed onto a gold lame dress. And, since then I have felt a certain...