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01.25.2020 America was built on the backs of slaves. From 1620 to 1865 nearly 600,000 Africans were enslaved and shipped to America. Their population grew to over 4 million at emancipation in 1865. As we know, blacks didn’t become fully equal citizens with the passage of the 13th Amendment in 1865. Jim Crow laws and other forms of discrimination remained legal until well into the 20thcentury. Blacks today live with the legacy of centuries of slavery and discrimination. The median white household is ten times...

1.18.2020 This week’s parsha starts with the Jewish people enslaved by Pharaoh. Pharaoh loads the people up with cruel and pointless labor, intended to demoralize the people. Paranoid about the growing numbers of Israelites, Pharoah orders all male babies killed. The people were suffering; they cried out to God. The dramatic turning point in the story – one of the most dramatic moments in the entire Torah – is when God calls out to Moses from a burning bush, and Moses answers...